This is a daily calendar to get clarity and support for making important decisions like planning when to sign a contract, when to have a medical procedures, business deals, traveltime etc. It is a personalized annual guide to your most positive supportive days and shows the days to avoid when making important decisions.  It is hand-made for two people based on your unique astrological vibration. According to the Indian science of Vedic astrology called jyotish, the star constellation where the Moon was located at the time of your birth helps determine how successful or unsuccessful your days will go. These constellations are called nakshatras.  

Generally, the Moon progresses through a new nakshatra throughout the month.  Each nakshatra has a specific quality and vibration. This calendar reveals the relationship between your unique vibration and the vibration of any specific day.  This is shown very simply in the calendar through colors. A quick glance allows you to make better, supported decisions.  This is especially important when it comes to signing contracts or important meetings - it can be very supportive to choose an auspicious date.

The calculations are derived from your home location for one year. For the calculation we need your birth time, date and location.

Muhurtha Calendar 2021 - digital file