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Shirdi Sai Baba  ( -1918)

Shirdi Sai Baba's life was an expression of the equality of all religions. Baba was born into a Hindu family, was raised with Muslims, and had a yogic teacher, Venkusa.  Even though he was often asked, he never associated with any one religion.  He was often heard saying: "Allah Malik Ek!" - "God is one in everything!  All people are one, our religion is humanity."

In the time when Baba moved back and forth between his two sleeping places in Shirdi, the Masjid and the Chavadi, people gathered hours before he set out in the courtyard and sang bhajans for him. Some danced with joy and others waved flags. A splendidly decorated horse led the procession. It was a happy mood that penetrated the whole atmosphere of the entire village. Baba was supported to the right and left of his closest devotees and his face radiated. Sometimes Baba suddenly demanded bhajans in the middle of the night, so the villagers came together with their music instruments and created a big musical celebration.

Baba lived a simple life as a beggar and healer in Shirdi, India, always distributing everything he received immediately to those in need.  Whether human or animal, all were close to his heart. He loved to give food to the hungry. Nowadays in Shirdi, 25 - 30,000 people are served food daily in Baba's kitchen.

He performed countless miracle healings, and miracles are happening to this day. The temple in Shirdi attracts millions of pilgrims every year!  In the last few years, his presence is increasing, especially in Western countries. Eight Shirdi Sai Baba temples were created in the last year in Germany alone.


On the day that Shirdi Baba left his body, October 15th, 1918, he gave a mantra by which we can ask for his help when we turn wholeheartedly to him:  "Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai"

Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012)

Sri Kaleshwar, the modern Saint from Penukonda, loved music very much. It was important to him that his students sang bhajans and kirtans every night. He enjoyed these evenings and conducted the musicians precisely to direct the course of the energy.

"This is soft, melodious and easy so that any person can catch on to it. They can get it. They will get it. If you are tuned to soft music, of course, your thoughts, your actions, your movements, your lifestyle, everything, will become soft."

- Sri Kaleshwar    


The healing quality of sound, can shower the soul with divine vibrations. There’s a phrase in India, Sangitha Prakshalana, which means healing through music. He deliberately used this technique every night and created a soft, melodious and gentle style, "Shiva Sai Mandir Music".


​“Sankirtana, through the music. Entire, every mantra, bijakshara, everything is hidden in the music. That music is that much power.”

- Sri Kaleshwar



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