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"I listen to Om Namah Shivaya almost every night, it helps me fall asleep and be at peace," Dani I. Chiemgau

" Heart touching music, beautiful!",    Irina S. Prien

Removing obstacles!

The repetition of Your name leads to

highest purification, Ganesha, remover of all obstacles.

This Mantra is part of the Album      "Heart of the Family"

 Healing the inner Child. Releases birth and

early childhood traumas.

Purification for the Home, Meditation, Peace & inner Silence!

    This track is part of the Album         "Heart of the Family" !


"..your voice touches my heart I feel like in a cocoon of energy, tears were running, I have never experienced this before, thank you!," Nicole D. Freiburg

Free download!

Part of the Sleep eBook

and Five Element Process given by Sri Kaleshwar

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