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Sri Chakra Yantra  purifying, lifting, harmonising

This is the Sri Chakra - purifying, lifting and harmonising the energy in your home. It's fame, throughout India, is for radiating the Mother's healing energy anywhere you place it: your office, living room, bedroom or meditation place. It is fulfilling material and spiritual desires, attracting the blessings of healing, health, prosperity and abundance; attracting and magnifying the energy of the Mother.

As revealed by the yogic master, Sri Kaleshwar, it is a powerful energy system of sacred geometry, hand-carved on copper.


The Sri Chakra is the home of Mother Divine - a diagram of Her soul energy, especially Maha Lakshmi, the form of the Divine Mother that blesses wealth, fortune, love and beauty.  Everything that exists comes from the Sri Chakra; the entire Creation is hidden in the Sri Chakra. Everything is there: all forms of God´s energy, the five elements and the divine angels.

Veemala learned from Sri Kaleshwar directly how to create healing yantras by engraving the sacred forms on a copper sheet in silent mantra meditation. When the structure is finished, holy seed sounds, called bijas, are intricately etched in the ancient Telugu script into the petals. Every petal and sound represents an angel.   


Even without knowing the spiritual and energetic significance, it is a beautiful gift to anyone blessed to have one.

The Sri Chakra Yantra on copper is available in two different sizes: 30 x 30 cm and 40 x 40 cm.

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